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As in a blip on a radar screen - A piece of information (usually a picture or video/audio clip) that gets passed from person to person via email that momentarily becomes part of the collective consciousness of the Internet but quickly fades into obscurity only to be recalled hazily later at parties.
"Hey, did you get the blip of the guy on the Home Shopping Channel falling off the ladder and landing on his head? No? I'll ping you with it tomorrow."
by Joshua Rosenquist May 06, 2005
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To Emphasize a roast, or even pointing out a regular every day phrase.
You hella gay...Blip

Girl what that mouth do...Blip

Hey whatsup man...Blip
by DQisabitch October 28, 2017
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The person you get when you mix Bloods and Crips.
Gang color is Purple.
1:Ay yo who you roll wit?
2:Dem Blips...
1:Damn sucka you betta get yo ass back to Kansas
by get it right 101 July 01, 2006
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A/the word that stands for anything random and random itself, and renders all other random words useless.
A : Hey, whatcha doing?
B : Nothing.
A : Well... let's go do something.
B : Sur-
A & B : ...Wtf?
by xBlip October 03, 2009
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Blip is a word that is used when someone gets into a situation that will effect them tremendously (or even a little), but nobody gives a shit.
"Yeah i just failed my math exam and now I can't get into college."
"Well. Thats a blip. Lets go get ice cream."


That asian guy just cut me off on the freeway.Ain't that a blip?
by saynotostds April 05, 2006
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Ball Lips - Labia (beef curtains/lady's downstairs lips) that are made from the remains of the scrotal sack after a gentleman decides to undergo the op and become a lady.
Go on Lewis show us yah blips.
by SwiftSix June 20, 2005
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