To speak intimately sexual with your partner or cyber soulmate online, or in a text message. Either online with an instant messenger, or using a text message system on your cell phone or Blackberry, etc.
Email can be very exciting, but it is not as textual as a session on Yahoo with your cyber soulmate.
by syber_satyr January 26, 2005
of, pertaining to or for sex while in a text messaging conversation

occurring between two or more individuals in an intimate text messaging relationship
I don't think I can go down that path with you Kevin. I prefer to keep our relationship "textual."
by ssr March 17, 2008
Getting sexual with text messages.
I got aroused when our text messages went textual.
by Cat-in-the-Hat November 30, 2004
Describing sexual relations comitted via Internet text, and especially via chat programs, a la MSN Messenger/AIM/etc.
by seann May 24, 2006
Text messages from cell phone to cell phone with naughty and promiscious content. The text message's equivalent to phone sex.
Baby, are you going to send me some more textual messages, tonight?
by Bailey Schaff November 27, 2006
Telling your friends about your sexual relations via text message.
Text 1: Yeah so then we fucked.
Text 2: Omg so textual!
by rachel e a March 31, 2007
Adverb describing interactions via text messaging.
I have just been textually abused.
by coachgirl1 April 7, 2011