You guys calling the original guy an idiot are all wrong. I'm a huge horse racing fan, and racehorses wear blinkers. A carriage-pulling horse, or a jumper, wears blinders, but the hoods that some racehorses wear are indeed blinkers, which is where the term comes from.
One of the most famous racehorses of all time, Secretariat, wore blinkers in all of his races.
by FusaichiPegasusK April 3, 2005
Horses wear blinkers. It stops them getting startled by movement in the peripheral vision. So to be described as blinkered means you are not open to other ideas, Single minded. Blinkered!
People who buy ipods are so blinkered.
by Jonny Cottingham March 1, 2005
People who worry about what horses wear instead of seeing that the real issue is IPod users are blinkered, because they believe there's nothing better.
Jose and Katie always speak before they think, they're such blinkered cocks, or should that be blindered?
by Omiwan April 5, 2005
This retard obviously doesn't know the difference between blinders and blinkers.
by Katie April 2, 2005
A made-up word by someone who doesn't know horses. Horses wear BLINDERS, not blinkers. God, what a dumb ass.
Blinkered is a made-up word that no one uses and should not be in this dictionary.
by Jose Pendejo April 2, 2005
okay i dont really care about the horse thing... itys just that people who think that people who buy ipods are blinkered are so blinkered THEMSELVES!
i ve got an ipod, doesnt mean im blinkered dumbass... its just means i like too much music
by xallxusedxupx April 19, 2005