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A taxpayer-supported university located in Salt Lake City for people who

A. don't have the grades or the test scores to get into BYU
B. want to major in smoking pot, getting laid, drinking beer, jerking off, or journalism
C. want to study Marxism
D. are non-Mormon or Jack Mormon
Orrin was rejected by BYU so he decided to enroll at the University of Utah where he majored in jerking off and minored in journalism.
by Jose Pendejo September 19, 2003

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A suburb east of Houston, officially known as Pasadena. Name is derived from the air quality.
You can say what you want about Stinkadena, but at least the air is greener.
by Jose Pendejo May 07, 2003

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A made-up word by someone who doesn't know horses. Horses wear BLINDERS, not blinkers. God, what a dumb ass.
Blinkered is a made-up word that no one uses and should not be in this dictionary.
by Jose Pendejo April 02, 2005

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A simple game invented by English women who wanted to kill some time while their husbands cleaned the apartment and cooked dinner. (During WWII, thousands of American GIs stationed in Britain prior to the D-Day invasion were able keep British women occupied which led to a temporary decrease in soccer's popularity)

Soccer requires moderate stamina but very little skill or strategy, which is why it is such a popular sport in Bolivia and the UK as well as with special education students in the U.S.

Studies have shown a direct link between fondness for soccer and frequent masturbation, which is why Britain excels at wanking.

Soccer fans have inferiority complexes which explains why they have to grossly exaggerate the "skills" required to play soccer (i.e. kicking a ball around and remembering which goal is yours).

Last year, the American WOMEN'S team defeated several European men's teams, which surprised many observers.
Soccer is popular in countries with low per capita GDP and high rates of illiteracy. Soccer is not very popular in Canada and the U.S.
by Jose Pendejo June 23, 2004

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A scheme to avoid paying taxes. CU members argue that they should be tax exempt because

1. They are member-owned. (Other member-owned coops pay taxes on non-disbursed earnings)
2. They can't issue stock. (Lots of companies--many LLCs, sole proprietorships, S Corporations, etc. -- do not issue stock but still pay income taxes.
3. CUs (allegedly) provide better service (tax exemptions are not awarded to companies that provide the best service).
Credit unions were originally tax exempt because they provided financial services to underserved markets. Today, however, credit unions compete directly against banks and should therefore pay taxes.
by Jose Pendejo October 03, 2003

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