A subsitute for a profane word.
What the bleep? You need to shut the bleep up before I bleeping bleep your bleep off the face of the bleeping planet.
by Exalkonium May 2, 2003
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often used to describe what live tv editors use to cover up comments they see unfit for television. normaly consists of a sinewave or triangle wave, something with fairly low harmonics and hollow sounding.
the man appeared to have said an inappropriate word on jerry springer, but that was just the censors gooding off. they make people sound like they are swearing when they are not, just to raise ratings. probably not, but it would be funny if that was true..
by karl June 14, 2004
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for use with nextel phones
but used twice
i hate people with those bleep-bleep phones
i have to bleep-bleep my friend
by Alex October 26, 2003
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Common parlance among the goth subculture, particularly cybergoth. Refers to EBM and other electronic music featuring pulsed tones, especially futurepop. E.g. the music of VNV Nation.
I didn't hear a single electric guitar all night. All the DJ played was bleep!
by Ragnvaeig March 14, 2006
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The noise a Nextel makes when you are "direct connecting" with someone.

Also is another term for "direct connect"
Guy #1- Man i have to bleep Phil! ::uses his enxtel and pushes the PTT button::

Phil recieves a bleep on his phone.
by Ya Mutha October 9, 2003
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The most common way of censoring profanity on television.
They say life's a BLEEP bitch and you BLEEP die.
by gs6 December 23, 2002
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