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Common parlance among the goth subculture, particularly cybergoth. Refers to EBM and other electronic music featuring pulsed tones, especially futurepop. E.g. the music of VNV Nation.
I didn't hear a single electric guitar all night. All the DJ played was bleep!
by Ragnvaeig March 14, 2006
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Within the goth subculture, a derogatory term used for disaffected teenagers who turn to a goth affectation in order to express their misfit status. Most often applied to young, female goths.

Common physical characteristics include "Eye of Horus" eyeliner, fairy wings, bad poetry, clothes from Hot Topic, and Wiccan paraphernalia. Common behavioural characteristics include a smug sense of moral superiority tempered with affected ennui, not-entirely-serious suicide attempts, sudden periods of "mourning," and an appropriately dark pseudonym.

A despondent creature, but not to be confused with the emo kid.

Connected with the comic book series by Serena Valentino, of the same name.
The gloom cookie wore black on the outside, to show how black her soul was on the inside.
by Ragnvaeig March 17, 2006
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