To hit a dab pen or other vaping device until the device stops and the light turns off (hence the name)
"Alex blacklighted my pen now he can't walk"
by Cantaloup3 December 22, 2020
(noun) Common term used for a UV (UltraViolet) light/light bulb. Used in CSI often to find a semen samples.
possible semen sample plus a blacklight situation:

Officer Michaels: "I often go to sleep and dream of waking up in a world where everything's covered in semen."
Officer Slater: "I mean, who doesn't ?"
Officer Michaels: "It'd be nice. Like that crime scene today."
Officer Slater: "Yeah."
Officer Michaels: "If the man had ejaculated and then punched you in the face..."
Officer Slater: "Yeah."
Officer Michaels: "...we'd have a real good shot at catching him."
Officer Slater: "No way."
Officer Michaels: "Just punched in the face, no semen."
Officer Slater: "Yeah, no semen."
Officer Michaels: "Story of my life."
by THC420 December 2, 2009
A light that causes so many sexual urges, a man will grab the nearest chick and bone the living shit out of her.
*Hot guy* "Hey, sorry we w'ere late, we w'ere fucking hardcore under the blacklight."

*Random chick* "Dude, it just caused urges i could not ignore."

Another example: *Lil' kid* "Mom how are babies ma...*"

*Mom interrupts* "BLACKLIGHT!!!! BITCH!!!"
by nanafunana April 21, 2011
a party in which all normal white lightbulbs are replaced with blacklight lightbulbs. all guests should wear fluorescent clothing (mostly white) that will glow in the blacklight. also, bring lots of highlighter to draw on one another since the ink glows in the light.
"i have to go shopping for the blacklight party tonight! gotta get something fluorescent."
"dude, last night i got wasted and passed out at the blacklight party. when i woke up, i was covered in glowing highlighter."
by liveeeyolifee May 2, 2009
A woman who appears much prettier in the blacklight at a party/club than she really is.
"After having seen Whitney in the Daylight, I realized shewas a total blacklight barbie."
by DB January 14, 2005
A blacklight tattoo is a tattoo that is done in uv reactive ink. If the entire tattoo is done in uv ink it is not visible under normal light and is only visible when displayed under a blacklight. Another use for the ink is to highlight existing tattoos and to have effects such as causing the eyes of a dragon tattoo to glow under black light. The ink is only visible on lighter skin tones. And although certain manufacturers of the ink have been accused of peddling carcinogen laced ink, one brand name has remained unscathed. Chameleon Ink produces the only FDA approved tattoo ink in the industry.
"Yo, I was clubbing and saw this girl's back glowing... I think she had one of those blacklight tattoos."
by lapyramid March 9, 2007
The best type of party ever invented in the history of ever!!!!!! You can't see the lights but everything white shows up and glows. Black Lights makes everything awesome.
Jacob: Dude, that blacklight party was sick!

Tom: Yeah I know, but your shirt was killer!

Jacob: Yeah it totally showed up under the lights so well!
by Mr.Potato Pants January 28, 2013