the second preferred device of an avetard that they will use to get high, just like the dab rig, they cannot handle this at all and will be extremely cooked, this device will also be supplied by froomie since he is the plug for anything weed related
Aye Froomie said we can use his dab pen today and take it to the party to get high
by TurnM3Up November 11, 2019
A vape with weed in it that makes you trip maddddddd balls bro. Only the coolest the coolest have dabs. Juull suck compared to dabs. After hitting a dab you will never smoke a blunt again.
Fuck the blunt bro. Pass the dab pen it will get me fuckeddddd
by Hshaiske November 30, 2017
The absolute buttfuck of your tolerance that occurs when you trade out your trusty devils lettuce in favor of the convenience, potency, and sex-appeal of a dab pen. This is mainly due to the fact that the urge to hit a dab pen once it enters your field of view is roughly seven times stronger than the urge to rub your penis to step-sister porn for five hours after a metric fuck-ton of Adderall.
Yoon: Man, after getting this dab pen I can't even feel weed anymore.
Sam: Maybe you should cut back man, you've been hitting that thing (4)24/7.
Yoon: It's aight, I'll just get another one.
Sam: Be careful bro, you'll get cock-blasted by the dab pen effect
by BernieMadoff's left ball March 27, 2020
Held on May 10 as a nod to the most common dab pen size, (5:10) get as high as you can off dab pens on dab pen day!
Hey man, we should hit up the dispensary, dab pen day is coming up soon.
by Mesmer March 3, 2021
When your friend or loved one gets addicted with THC oil and never shows up to anything. (ie school classes, sports)

*claims to have bragging rights of using pen in school*
Student 1: Hey where’s Dab Pen Boi At? I even saw him at school today?
Student 2: Idk probably ripping his dab pen in the bathroom somewhere.
by Dylan Gordon February 19, 2019
When a dab pen is shared at a party and a week later all of your friends get a raging case of covid
Shit bro you’re sick? It’s the dab pen effect dawg sorry”
by hoeslayer1 May 7, 2022