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(proper noun) Adult film actress. Commonly misspelled as Bree Olsen. Made a brief cameo on the Kardashian's television show, and was a call a slut....very ironic.?
ex 1 - If you held my keyboard up to a blacklight, you could see it from space.

ex 2 - My DNA is all over the place from that Bree Olson flick
by THC420 December 01, 2009

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A double-chin'd person winking. Be careful, they might be hungry and eat you.
;)) whats up?
whoa, i gotta gtfo
by THC420 June 25, 2010

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(noun) Common term used for a UV (UltraViolet) light/light bulb. Used in CSI often to find a semen samples.
possible semen sample plus a blacklight situation:

Officer Michaels: "I often go to sleep and dream of waking up in a world where everything's covered in semen."
Officer Slater: "I mean, who doesn't ?"
Officer Michaels: "It'd be nice. Like that crime scene today."
Officer Slater: "Yeah."
Officer Michaels: "If the man had ejaculated and then punched you in the face..."
Officer Slater: "Yeah."
Officer Michaels: "...we'd have a real good shot at catching him."
Officer Slater: "No way."
Officer Michaels: "Just punched in the face, no semen."
Officer Slater: "Yeah, no semen."
Officer Michaels: "Story of my life."
by THC420 December 02, 2009

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A distinct, water-down, grotesque bowel movement, after a night of heavy drinking Canadian-made beer Labatt Blue.
"Ughh, dude, drinking all that Labatt Blue last night is catching up and I gotta drop some Labatt Splats."
by THC420 November 25, 2007

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Slang for cigarette. Originated in Canada, so it often refers to an Export A cigarette.
Timmy - "You got a dartski I can have, bro?"

Jimmy - "You got 50 cents, bro?
by THC420 March 09, 2010

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Slang for the internet social networking website, Facebook. Often used by hipsters or lazy people.
Timmy - "Yo, did check out her pics on Faybay today? She is a total slu!"

Jimmy - "No, that's lame. Everything's lame."
by THC420 August 18, 2009

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Acronym for You Only Live Once.

Now get off your computer and go outside.
George came to the party with the word Y.O.L.O. on his shirt and got things started.
by THC420 December 27, 2009

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