Short for Bizarro-worldo.

The opposite of the real world. Good is evil, round is square, hello is goodbye. Introduced in the "Superman" comics and used to extreme hilarity on "Seinfeld."
Bizarro tires on the car are square.

Bizarro Saddam Hussein has George W. Bush locked up in prison.

Bizarro Hillary Clinton bakes cookies for her son's Cub Scout troop, doesn't worship Satan, and enjoys sexual intercourse with a man.
by billberto March 23, 2005
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Someone that looks just like you, but is no way close to being as cool.
Jason, I seen your bizarro today. He is totally lame.

In Harold and Kumar goto White Castle, they run into their bizarros at the hospital.
by Chase S September 22, 2006
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The opposite. Introduced in Superman, and spoofed in seinfeld, sealab 2021, drawn together, and several others.
Bizarro: Remember what happened in bizarro world?
Normal: Hey! Be quiet!
Bizarro: We had quite a night.
Normal: What happens in bizarro world, stays in bizarro world.
by squeakypants April 27, 2005
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VERB : To sing along to sappy 80s soft rock tunes in a mournful manner.

VERB, slang: To knock a body part off of a shelf.
Greg bizarroed all the way up to Wisconsin and back.

Slang: I was ok until he bizarroed my bladder.
by Birbo January 27, 2005
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The greatest episode from Sealab 2021 ever, in which "Bizarro" versions of the characters hold them hostage.
Bizarro Capt. Murphy: "Take him away for interrogation, BIZARRO style!"
by grrgirl February 26, 2009
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bizarro, rra
1. adj. Valiente, gallardo:
era un soldado apuesto y bizarro.
2. comúnmente se define como algo raro, extravagante e insólito, debido a la que existe una confusión con la palabra inglesa bizarre la cual significa extraño o extravagante.
"En verdad, nunca me había pasado algo tan bizarro por internet"

"esto es... bastante bizarro (raro)"

"tu mamá y tu hermano estan fornicando... que bizarro!!!"

by _gangy_ August 18, 2008
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When something out of the norm happens to you good or bad with no explanation of how it happened.
Dude,I was chillin with my homies when all of sudden I'm in BIZARRO!! my ex calls saying she's pregnant and I havent been with her for 6months.

I was in the mall shopping with ten bucks to my name..when all of a sudden I found $100.00!!! it was total BIZARRO!!!!
by Roni Coleman,Brandy Sandoval October 18, 2007
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