The world's first cartoon reality television show.
Immensely funny, though sometimes disturbing.
Tends to pick on stereotypes of minority groups.
Ie: African-Americans, Jews, gays, jocks, fatties, asians.
Goes where not too many other cartoon series (short of anime porn) will go.
"You're whining and self-hating and most likely bi-polar. You're exactly my type!" -Genie

"And that is how you make a welfare check- I mean, baby" -Foxxy Love

All above are quotes from Drawn Together
by coryinc September 26, 2006
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A funny show on comedy central. It is preety much the ONLY good "reality show." Toot, (The girl that looks like betty boop) Is the FUNNIEST!
We have to fight for our food now? THIS IS BULLTOOT! Im still al woooosy from LOSING THE OXYGEN COMPETITION! - Toot
by Paint February 5, 2005
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An extremely funny cartoon comedy that is almost as funny as Family Guy, but twice as offencive.

The show is the first reality cartoon show ever... think about it for a second.

It involves several different types of over-the-top characters all living in the same house, including a superhero and a psychotic pokemon like creature.

Currently, there are only 7 episodes of the show.
Captain Hero is a character on the show Drawn Together
by Legend Archer May 20, 2005
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Like, the best cartoon to south park! It's funny and offensive!!!! That's why I like it!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
Drawn Together is on! LOL!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kcfkcfcv May 23, 2006
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An excellent idea for a TV show ruined by writers who think homosexuality, going to the bathroom, and simple overexaggeration are the funniest things in the world.
Oh, look, the princess's vagina is tentacles! That sure has a high ratio of hilarity to stupidity!
by Now THAT'S sarcasm January 19, 2005
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A TV show on Comedy Central. The basic premise of it is it's a cartoon reality TV show. There's some potential with the show, but it's overall a piece of shit. All of the jokes deliberately use overexaggaration and offensive material (which isn't offensive, it's just stupid) to try and get a cheap laugh. People who like this show probably also like Carlos Mencia. People who like this show should be shot dead.
"Dude I just watched Drawn Together! IT'S EXCELLENT!"


by sno0ks November 13, 2006
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