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A woman so evil, cruel, and kniving that she is both a bitch and a witch.
Patty not only broke Jill and Ben up, she stole Ben and destroyed Jill's credit rating. What a Bitch Witch.
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
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Any Mother or mother-in-law, or elderly irate woman, that has such envious and jealousy in her every word and demeanor, that the only description applicable, would be the combination of Bitch, and Witch.
" G-D Damn Howie, your mother is such a fucking bitchwitch its retarded !!! "--- Barbara Bowman.
by Wolycan September 30, 2013
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A Bitch Witch is a witch who looks like she is wearing a shitty Christmas hat, and looks like a whorey bitch. And has no broom, because she likes to be a bitch.
Person 1: Does that witch has no broom? And is wearing a crappy Christmas hat?

Person 2: Yeah, looks like she's a bitch witch.
by LeSpazzy December 09, 2016
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When the teller of a joke laughs incontrollably but the onlooking crowd is merely smiling politely, this is the word they are secretly thinking. See also ringbinder, dapstrap.
1)Good one, you fucking bitchwitch!

2)God, what a complete and utter bitchwitch.

3)That wasnΒ΄t funny you total fucking bitchwitch.
by Bitchwitch March 14, 2005
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