a person who is gonna get their ass kicked.
Tell that bitch Dorell he's a got bitch.
by Bottom boots sister March 8, 2005
A person who missed out, was late to arive or to recive something.
Yo you "got bitched" that kid beat you to that loot.
by da menace November 11, 2006
To get shown up, usually in the form of a beat down, especially if brought on by one's own running of the mouth
After starting the fight, Santana Moss totally got bitched by Corey Webster in the week 1 Giants-Redskins game.
by Sinorice Moss October 7, 2009
A three word sentence that describes a male human being open about having more than one female human being in his disposal.
I got bitches all on my dick,and everyday.Sucking on my balls,licking on my balls.Bitches,they know...stick it in that booty hole,my balls my balls,suck on my balls.
by Ballicker3k18 August 12, 2017
A phrase that people with no bitches often use to defend there selves in a Situation.
“ I got bitches unlike you
by Halo^^ June 22, 2022
A very inappropriate but funny song made by the A2M Music group that describes how some random dude "got bitches".

"Ayo, what it is? Everybody report to the motha fuckin' dance floor, with they motha fuckin' drinks"
"I got Bitches!"
A2M I Got Bitches is the best!
by The Boi's May 5, 2021
Used (loudly) right after successful clutch moments or when you pull off something extremely risky
*Asks a girl out successfully*
in private: GoT thE biTcH
*pulls through in a csgo round*
by Ok tastes like mango June 23, 2018