Alternate Spelling for damn - developed by the users of a car chat board to circumnavigate the censorship engine.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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dman is a typo of damn, and stands for extrmely annoying and retarded person....brak for instance.
*is making this up*
Space Ghost: Brak you can shut up now
Brak: I like beans!
Zorak: Dman brak
by Maester Malachi August 28, 2005
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fat kid with brillo-like hair, usually annoying and dumb. most dmans tend to be on a radio show.
by Jamie Heit April 5, 2003
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The man you go to, to get them explosive dick pics.
"My Dman just texted me, I think it's one of his life cherishing dick pics."
by Mondoswizzle October 22, 2017
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A folk hero of urban mythology for the cyber-era. Tales of The DMan are first noted on the internet, then picked up by most of the major cosmopolitan youth cultures in metropolitan centers around the world. The DMan is the epitome of cool and a yard stick of elusive street cred. What The DMan would do is always the coolest thing one could possibly do in a given situation.
"That was so cool! That's exactly what The DMan would have done!"
by Dr Peter Noble July 4, 2004
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