The act of doing something big.

A display of power or dominance.
Used to describe when somebody asserts dominance over another or beats them down with a crushing blow.
Refers to when something gets done with ease, or when somebody does something that they are proud of.
Did you see that goal? David Villa's doin' it BIG TIME!
-Jack: Yo did you hook up with that girl last night?
-Alex: Yeah dude, you know I do it BIG TIME!
by backitup825 July 6, 2010
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Big Time Rush? Oh well, of course they're not another stupid boy band formed by nickelodeon, they're more than just a band. They indirectly help their fans (Rushers) to make too much things that maybe Rushers couldn't do if they wouldn't exist. Now I see my life at another point of view. Now too much people knows that they can reach my dreams if they want to. Everything related to them makes rushers' day even rushers' life. They’re down-to-earth and humble guys who love to do what they do. they made me realize that some people is not alone in this world. Big Time Rush also is, a great show on Nickelodeon, that shows how 4 best friens from Minnesota become into a boyband. Big Time Rush is the most watched program in Nickelodeon. Every singl new episode has over 3.6 million views. SO maybe Big Time Rush Can't be called crap.
Person 1: Have you heard about Big Time Rush?

Person 2: Yes, they're a great band.
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1. A socially undesirable and cringe-worthy loser.

2. A man who considers themselves to be a "big-shot" or a "player" and no one else agrees.

3. A man who tries to be funny or impress people and fails miserably.

4. A man who attempts to make people laugh (often at some one elses expense) but fails to do so.

5. A man who attempts to make others laugh at some one else but faces back-lash with a sharp and witty reponse and becomes the laughing-stock themself.

5. A cock-monger

6. Some one to either be deservedly avoided or mocked.

7. A social degenerate

A:"This will be funny here he comes thinkin he's cool."

B:"Who's that?"

A:"I don't actually remember his name, but he's definately a big-time-charlie"
by Bigtoke September 8, 2009
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Hate the show as much as you want, but at the end of the day every bad definition on Urban Dictionary has to face the opposition of a million prepubescent girls, two hundred sexually confused little boys, and three really horny middle aged cougars (rough estimation). They will buy the songs, the DVD box sets, and probably the inevitable backpacks and lunchboxes. The sitcom featuring four hockey playing boys from Minnesota who move to L.A. searching for fame and boy band stardom will live on until something of equal or greater suckiness comes along to take it's place. Appreciate it for what it's worth.
Kendra: Hey, have you seen that show Big Time Rush?!
Meryl: My daughter watches that.. I'm 43 years old, of course not!
Kendra: Well I'm 48 and I think they're strapping young lads... I'm getting your daughter the lunchbox for christmas.
by whenyougobigtime July 28, 2010
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"fuckin hell Alfie, you're not a Big Time CEO... you have a tumor on your head, weird teeth and your girl could fuck you up, look at her six pack jesus christ, she's the real big time."
by flatsinger June 10, 2019
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a show on Nickelodeon about 4 hockey players who move to LA from Minnesota to make a boyband, they encounter obstacles with girls, school and even their boss. It stars Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Jr, and James Maslow.

They are also a real band who does in fact release albums and tour. They've been associated musically with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, New Boyz, Snoop Dogg, Miranda Cosgrove, Katelyn Tarver, Jordin Sparks Cymphonique Miller, Mann and Ryan Tedder. They have also been associated acting wise with Fabio, Miranda Cosgrove, Elizabeth Gilles, Snoop Dogg, Malese Jow, Erin Sanders, Ciara Bravo, Katelyn Tarver, Nicole Scherzinger, Tara Strong, Chris Masters, Lorenzo Lamas, Erik Estrada, Carlie Casey, Tristin Mays, Jordin Sparks, Russel Brand, Gage Golightly, John Cena, Cymphonique Miller, Tom Kenny and Ed Bagley Jr, Carlson Young, Lisa Rinna, Densye Tontz, Kelli Gross, Savannah Jayde and even So You Think You Can Dance winner Jeanine Mason.

and too all the haters. you can stfu. to the guys who hate, you just jealous because you don't look like them, or are as talented as them. to the girls who hate, you just clearly have low standards. They are a POP group and that doesn’t make them gay. They are 4 STRAIGHT boys who don’t have to listen to your shit. But us Rushers do and we don’t appreciate your hate… you laugh at us for liking BTR when your into what? Justin Bieber? Yeah at least BTR has gone through puberty.
Sammy: oh did you watch Big Time Rush last night?

Megan: Yeah I did! It was cool! Elizabeth Gilles guest starred!

Sammy: oh cool! i love her on Victorious! I'll def. have to watch the episode!

Megan: Yeah you should. Logan was sooooo cute!

Sammy: i personnally love Kendall!
by Rusher101 November 6, 2011
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Big time rush is a band who paved the pathway for boy bands again. They sold over two million copies of their second album in four days. They also have 17 singles and 13 music videos.
Jamie:Did you buy the new Big Time Rush cd 'Elevate'?
Taylor:Yeah it's amazing.
by May 26, 2012
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