Big Time, from 1988, was Tom Waits' second live album, but it was his tenth release. Waits did a tour called Big Time which was taped and became a little known movie of the same name, and there was an album of the songs released. There are two new songs on the album, but all recordings of old songs are new. Falling Down and Strange Weather are the originals, though the latter was from the stage version of Frank's Wild Years. This is an amazing album, with beautiful versions of already perfect songs.
An excerpt from Big Time's-
Strange Weather

Will you take me across the Channel,
London Bridge is falling down
Strange, a woman tries to save
What a man will try to drown
And he's the rain that they predicted,
Its the forecast every time
The rose has died because you picked it
And I believe that brandy's mine
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
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Upstaging or one-upping a competitor or opponent.
Did you see that debate last night? Obama TOTALLY big timed Hillary.
by Dominic D April 17, 2008
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Reference for any hard drug, used by middle class teenagers. This generations "dope."
"Hey Jacob, do you know where I can obtain some Big Time?"

"Sure Becka! Right down the Ave, ask for an African-American woman named Gabe."
by Carl Jory Martin October 4, 2008
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idk who they are but they have a pretty lit song
My friend-"...RUSH"
Big Time Rush is litttt
by watchoutitsdatboi May 6, 2019
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A big time shitter is ~ someone who shits so much that it clogs that toilet
Man.... That Jeremiah is a Big time shitter
by Ham Sandwich with mustard July 23, 2011
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1) A TV show on Nickelodeon capturing the journey and misadventures of four hockey playing best friends from Minnesota who get a once in a life time shot at being a pop group.

2) The band in which the show is about. Well known songs such as "Boyfriend," "Nothing Even Matters," and "Worldwide." Members include Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.

3) Every teen girl's obsession right now
1) "Hey did you guys watch Big Time Rush last night?

2) "Stuck" by Big Time Rush is my new favorite song.

3) My friends and I are have Big Time Crushes on the boys of Big Time Rush.
by SeDorka July 13, 2011
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A boyband from Nick that is actually pretty talented. It consists of four super attractive guys; Carlos Pena jr. Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt. They have two albums (BTR and Elevate). Their most famous songs are Boyfriend, Music Sounds Better With U and the song Big Time Rush.
Big Time Rush: Four Hockey players from Minnesota that love to sing. Its a Rusher thing
by Rusher123345678997523 January 4, 2012
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