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A beautiful talented young girl who sings, acts, and dances. You may know her from her show on Nickelodeon "How To Rock". Cymphonique is a youtube star she uploaded her first video on youtube which was "Lil Miss Swagger shehas over a million views on that video. She has a wonderful family. She loves her dog Honey. She has a clothing line "Be Your Own You". She encourages all girls to BYOU notjust girls but everyone!
Is that the beautiful, talented Cymphonique on T.V?
by PrincessSwag March 31, 2012
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A no talent hoe whos only a singer because of her daddy. if it wont for her daddy i gurantee she would still be tryna make it. she didnt get NBT, because she doesnt have what it takes to be NBT. honestly, her voice is annoying...she needs to real talk. and nickolodeon signed her for her own tv show? hmm, well you are all in for BIG dissapointment.
Mariyah - you heard of cymphonique?
Kayle - yeahh, i heard of her...she aint nothing. she cant sing...and my dog got more swag than her.
by MizKittens10 March 27, 2010
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