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A girl who is extremely beautiful. She is usually a blonde with pretty blue eyes. Some Kendall's are short-ish and some are tall. Kendall's are always stunningly beautiful.
1: OMG, that new girl is so beautiful, she must be Kendall!

2: Totally.
by girlygirl589 January 08, 2012
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Basically, Kendall is the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is incredibly intelligent, uncommonly kind, and particularly observant. Once you form any type of relationship with Kendall, there is no going back. He is not easily forgettable, but then again, why would you want to forget him? Kendall is one of the most caring people you will ever meet, and you are lucky if you are able to forge a friendship (or more) with him.
"Have you ever met someone who was as genuinely amazing as Kendall?"
by maggles June 26, 2013
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a kind person, pretty crazy and random but an awesome friend. tall and beautiful, and guys like her even if she thinks they dont. shes one of a kind!
Oh my gosh, Kendall looks so good today!
by January 24, 2009
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A beatiful girl with many friends. She is often crazy, but once you get to know her she is the most lovable people you will ever meet. Her funny attitude gives her countless friends. But don't be fooled by this witty personaltity, she can be the most romantic person ever. I seriously think I'm in love with this girl.
Boy 1: Did you see that beatiful girl pass by

Boy 2: Ya, she must be a Kendall
by YES THIS IS SO TRUE February 21, 2013
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Kendall is a one of a kind person.
A Kendall is a quarky one of a kind female that usually has crazy curly hair. They have a spunky personality an have a comment for everything. She is loved by everyone especially her kids and has a huge heart. Kendall's tend to be the greatest grandma and love their grandkids more than her own children. Money is no object especially at the expense of their husbands wallet. They usually fall in love with a man in a uniform and prefer redheads. Most likely to retire in a timber frame house on the beach where she can snorkel and collect seashells for her nautical theme. A Kendall is known to embrace life and lives by the quote "say thank you when you go to bed at night and thank you when you wake up". Don't piss off a Kendall as they are very stubborn and will never say sorry.They often think they have the best ideas and have a million projects started that never get finished. Everyone needs a Kendall in their life!!!
by Kennyskids February 18, 2012
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The coolest girl ever. Super pretty/hot/beautiful and just all-around awesome. A Kendall is a great friend and tons of guys want her. A Kendall always does extremely epic things that do not seem to go with her girly nature, but just make her even cooler.

Also, the truly correct spelling of the name Kendall (Kendal, Kendel, Kendell are incorrect).
Dude, did you see that girl? She was so hot and awesome that her name must be Kendall.
by definer007 March 15, 2010
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An extremely beautiful girl who has a gorgeous face and pretty hair. she's usually very popular and girly.
that girls so hot, she must be a Kendall!
by jomama1112445 May 17, 2008
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