To break a committ or obligation because you’ve decided something or someone else is more important.
James big timed drinks with Billy to listen to DMB records with Jamie.
by TommyTouchdown March 11, 2019
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-transitive verb

The act of deliberately not answering the phone (esp. after looking at the Caller ID)

To fail to keep an appointment with (someone, esp. a friend)

To 'stand up.'
"I called him, but I think he big timed me."


"are we really gonna kick it? or are you gonna big time me again?"
by Cleelus Mathews May 26, 2008
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Walking in to a party full of people you know and saying hi to none of them.
You see Favareau over there? Been here for hours and hasn't even glanced at anything but his blackberry. That big timing ass motherfucker.
by RangerXT February 2, 2010
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To be classed as the big time is infinitely impossible, yet perfectly possible. It is a completely tangible term, and will never be able to be defined indefinitely. To be the big time is to have a certain swagga, a certain 'air' of authority and dominance, and a hint of je ne sais quoi. Many people claim they are, in fact, the big time, when really, anyone that really is the big time, doesn't need to tell others they are. Mere physical presence alone should inform onlookers that they are the big time.
Dan: George, why didn't you do your homework?
George: Because I'm the big time.
Dan: You're not the the big time. Mario Balotelli is the big time.
by L.A Fou January 19, 2011
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(v.)- the act of ballin and knowing it, and/or being fly
Matt: how've you been?
Alex: I'm big time...big time
by A-$_22 January 2, 2009
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Used to describe something that is definitely going to happen, or has already happened that had a big impact, or evan a small impact!
Charlie: Ready for a big piss up on Friday night then fellas?

Matt: Yeah, fuckin' big time!
by Steeman April 28, 2005
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A word used by old white men when they want to make absolutely no sense.
"Coach Tom Izzo "Have fun tonight, don't let anyone big time you"....what?
by haiku September 28, 2013
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