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A sweet Dutch man with glorious long locks of hair who is extremely considerate. He is a great listener and has great input. A Gilles can pull you out of a bad day at any time, his smile is extremely contagious. He also likes to make jokes with vampire references. He is very intelligent, not to mention extremely attractive. If you ever meet a Gilles, keep him safely by your side, he will treat and human being with the upmost respect.
"Woah, that was a total Gilles. I better keep him around."
by Mr.meowmix August 22, 2014
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A Gilles is a dark leprochaun and is born with a secret goal, to start a pixie farm. Gilles can often be found hiding in the closets of 10 year old boys, eating the heads off their action figures. If you see a Gilles, pull it's hair. It will snort yellow jelly beans.
"Why are the heads missing off my action figures?" "It must've been a Gilles..."

"I want some yellow jelly beans." "Then go find Gilles!"
by Emmer Demmer May 17, 2010
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