I shouldn't have been swinging my big stick. Now I have to pay $2000 each month.
by GlidedNoo November 22, 2015
A big or very large penis, especially that of a president.
Sleepy Joe Biden: I promise you, the president has a big stick, I promise you!

Well he would know, he was slapped around by that big stick for 8 years.

Joe Biden loves the BBC
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 17, 2022
A golfer that can DOMINATE the game with their big stick hits
Dave, AKA "Mr. Big Stick", can smack the hell out of a golf ball.
by aligni September 19, 2020
A girls demand or set standard for the size of a guys dick that she will interact with.
Anna will not fuck a guy with a dick less than 6 inches, this is her big stick policy. Therefore Lucas will not be getting any.
by Waterproofbread September 5, 2015
Also known as the big stick policy, this was the foreign policy popularized by the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt in 1901. Essentially, one's assets were used to intimidate opponents rather than one's words.
"Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far." - Theodore Roosevelt, 1901

"I firmly believe in and practice big stick diplomacy when pursuing life goals."
by H.M.S. The Leopold December 29, 2009
Mr. Big Stick is a golfer who can hit the piss out of a golf ball.
Dave, a.k.a "Mr. Big Stick", just launched that 5 iron 250 yards to the green!
by aligni September 22, 2020
A game that is a type of ritualized fighting that was originated by native americans. Two people are given each a little stick to fight with and one big stick is placed between them. Either one can try to grap the big stick to beat the tar out of the other person with it but to do so they will have to let go of the little stick and so will have to grab the big stick while trying to keep the other person from beating the tar out of them with their little stick. But if they get the big stick they can beat the tar out of the other person because they have a way bigger stick.
by Deep blue 2012 August 16, 2010