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1. Somebody who talks and or acts like an idiot even though they know better.

2. A Florida rapper ashamed of his educated background and in favor of his retarded sounding alter ego.
Jermaine: ay bruh bruh, tel ny nga who got a prblm wit me he cen git it naam tann bout? I finna beat ny pussay azz nigga dat gots a prblm wit me naam saan?
Marques: Jermaine, stop being a Plies! You weren't raised like that, you are not from the ghetto, you went to college and are educated, so stop talking like a retard and trying to be hood! If you keep pretending to be a thug one of these days you'll get yourself killed by a real thug.
Jermaine: but I wants people to think I'm cool! Being smart isn't cool nomore, naam taan bout?

Plies: Ay yo bih, dis ya lil ol Plies talkin, n I be lookin' 4 a fine lil bussit baby, naam sayin? I be trynna git her nimba bruh bruh, n I'm a goon, I rlly b n dem streetz bruh, I'm sippin on dat yike, pussy nigga mess wit me he ain't gon make it bike, modafucka itz sweet pussay satday, I finna git ma dick sucked bruh bruh, n u no, ppl say im not lyrical bruh, but dat ain't my fault bih, I dropped outta college bih, ain't earned my degree, naam taan bout bruh bruh?
Smart person: oh shut up already, and stop talking like a retard when you can actually speak properly, you can we've heard you in interviews. You don't live the thug life you stole all your rap material from your brother's life. You went to college and are somewhat educated, and just because you dropped out that isn't an excuse for your bad lyrical abilities, I mean look at Nas, he didn't even go to college and he's 100 times more lyrical than you could ever hope to be.
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 25, 2022
Something that doesn't belong in a particular category or field, or someone who just doesn't fit in.
When you see Lil Wayne's name on a 'greatest rappers of all time' list, along with real legendary rappers like Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Kool G Rap and 2Pac, Lil Wayne just seems totally out of place since he's nowhere near any of them when it comes to talent or music output.

When Drake raps, he always sounds out of place.
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 25, 2022
A shitty rapper who is apparently going to hell, along with all of his fans. The reason for this may be for forcing his terrible music on the public, because of this he will burn in the lake of fire, along with his brain-dead fans.
Lil Uzi Vert: I'm going to hell, and since none of yall have been carried up outta here, obviously yall coming with me.
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 17, 2022
When an old man talks, either to himself or to a large and very confused audience, usually consisting of young children, who, let's be honest, would rather be doing anything else. There are no real rules to a Biden speech, the person giving it just has to make little to no sense, often go off on tangents, get extremely confused and mix his words up mid-sentence, and also usually connects random unrelated events from his or her life into one as if they all took place at once. You'll know if you have just witnessed a Biden speech, because after said speech you will think "wait what the hell did I just listen to? That made absolutely no sense! And why was he talking about record players and then started talking about his teeth, only to then talk about sniffing little kid's hair?"
Old man: You know, um uh you know, you know man, Cornpop, he was uh um, he was a real bad dude man, okay, wait what? What was I saying? Where the hell am I? What am I doing here? My butt needs wiping! I mean I I I mean, I mean um, my teeth man, so I said man, I said to him, I said yo you get down from there little nigger boy, or um, wait, let me be plerfectly queer, or wait, I think it was um a uh Friday, yeah, yeah definitely a Saturday, and she had on a red bikini, and uh, I uh, I said to my friend, my my friend, my long friend, long time friend, Raprock, Rap Rock America, you know, you you know the guy, the last guy, uh um president, or or uh not the last one but the one before him, my my boss, President My Boss, I said, well you know, you know what I said, I mean you were there, and yeah, so yeah, I'm running for the first Blafrican American Queen of Asia, so yeah, vote for me, I mean look me over, and if you like what you see then vote for me, and if not then screw you, vote for the other person, I don't want you to vote for me then, but whatever you do, just don't vote for...for um...um...uh that other guy, Donald, Donald um uh something, you know, come on maaan!

John: bro what the hell was that!
Bill: Oh just another old guy rambling, just another biden speech
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 25, 2022
10 year old: how do you spell 'independent?'
Webbie: I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that mean mane?
10 year old: thanks so much Trill Young Savage, I am going to ace that spelling test tomorrow!
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 22, 2022
A big or very large penis, especially that of a president.
Sleepy Joe Biden: I promise you, the president has a big stick, I promise you!

Well he would know, he was slapped around by that big stick for 8 years.

Joe Biden loves the BBC
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 17, 2022
Uncle Tim is that uncle who never stops talking. You often avoid confrontation with him because you know that he could spend 45 minutes talking about the smallest of things.
You will know if you have an Uncle Tim if you have ever experienced the following:
You hear the doorbell ring. You peak your head down the hallway to see who it is, and it's your Uncle Tim. Instead of letting him in like a kind person would do, you precede to hide in hopes that he will think that you are out and leave. If you knew that your Uncle Tim was going to be coming over you could probably avoid these things, but one of the many wonderful things about Uncle Tim is that he comes to your house unannounced, with no prior warning at all. An Uncle Tim is still under the impression that just because he is family, he can just drop by your house any time he wants, unannounced, uninvited, not even a friendly phonecall to say "hey could I come over?" This is mostly due to the fact that Uncle Tim's never really get invited anywhere, so after many years of this they just invite themselves, with no prior warning. You also try to avoid talking to your Uncle Tim on the phone, because just because he isn't face to face with you, that doesn't mean he can't talk to you for an hour on the phone. If you get a call from your Uncle Tim, you usually lie that you can't talk right now because the shower is running.
At the end of the day, when everything is all said an done, your Uncle Tim is a nice guy who means well, and you actually agree with a lot of the things he says, it's just that he doesn't know when enough is enough and he lacks common courtesy for others. You would never get rid of him, even if you could, because even though your life might be more peaceful and calm, family gatherings just wouldn't be the same without your Uncle Tim sitting all alone in the house while everybody else is outside, wanting so bad for someone to come inside so he can give them a 45 minute speech on proper table manners!
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 25, 2022