To consume Marijuana through a crude pipe or bong, often made from a can or bottle.
Mike: Did they find Kony yet?
Jeff: Yeah, he was doing can hits behind the shopping centre.
by pswaggle August 30, 2014
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Can I get some...

Sodas & etc.
Wow thats some strong rum, where's the chaser?

Yea can I hit that?-after you.
by hippyflippy November 16, 2006
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Usually placed before a like goal
YouTuber: Guys can we hit 5k likes?
5 year old: YES!!!!
Youtuber: *continues video*
by IceStoneVulpix December 6, 2019
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Ceæn eye HETE your vayp;

Can I give you a blowjob?


Can I suck thy ween?
Dude I’m so gay can I hit your vape?

Dude I’m literally gay too wtf Ofc you can bro
by Fernisnothere September 2, 2021
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