A pair of large, fleshy, spherical protrusions, found on the frontal area of a female's torso and containing milk-producing mammary glands.
Wendy was the dominant female in the group due to her big jugs.
by AlexAlex September 24, 2006
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a typically derogatory way to describe large breasts
Jessica Cugley has big jugs.
by blank_face November 27, 2006
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Matthew: Dad what where you just doing grrrrr.

Ian: I was just have a blast in your sisters Big Jugs, YUMMMYYYYY YAHHHHHH.


Ian: YES SONNNN, your defo mine!
by BBC JAM May 16, 2019
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A T.V. show played between 2 and 4 a.m. on most weekdays and weekends. It can be found on the Playboy channel and contains sluts, jugs, whores, skanks, and teets. Usually 2 per girl. Sometimes 3. Its widest audience is those who live in trailor parks. Aka, rednecks. But in a close 2nd are those who stay in high class hotels. Or motels.
OOOOhhh daddy! Big Jugged Sluts just came on!
by Sophia11111 August 23, 2008
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big momma jugs

when ur friend invites you over to your stepmoms house and she makes you grilled cheese with a note "meet me upstairs, daddy ;)" you quickly yeeted up the stairs to the laundry room to find your grandfather sucking the gay neighbours dick.
" dude, I just saw big momma jugs last night"
by bigmommajugs69 June 12, 2022
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Patrick Star With Big Water Jug On Head, is another way for saying Boosie Fade.
You look exactly like Patrick Star With Big Water Jug On Head... it´s like the Boosie Fade hahah!
by JaxTheUrbanDictonarian. April 27, 2023
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