to enjoy doing something very much
to have a great time; to have a lot of fun
We will have a blast tonight at the party! It will be incredible!
by Biljana December 14, 2011
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A metaphor that you shouldn't ever take literally. It's true meaning is "to have lots of fun". The word 'blast' originates from big. So now, when you hear somebody say "Let's have a blast!", you won't have to wonder what they mean. Because, they're trying to tell you that the next following days are going to be fun!
Tomorrow, I'm going on a Summer trip to LA. Oh my god, we're also going to the beach and having cocktails! My life will have a blast!
by emilyeternally June 2, 2022
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Enjoying the situation you are in to a great extent.
After Nuke just gave up a home run....

Crash Davis: You having fun yet?

Ebenezer Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh: Yeah, I'm having a blast.
by Turd Pherguson July 7, 2013
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This statement is said to individuals to ensure he/she enjoys themselves.
"Hey Mark have a bomb blast today!" or "I can't make it to the party mate, but have a bomb blast!"
by CDI February 2, 2018
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