A woman's breasts. Especially when large and shapely.
I enjoy my jugs! Especially on a hot day when I wear a sleeveless T-Shirt!
by Little Deby Big Boobs May 21, 2005
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very large and JUICAY boobs
look at megans jugs timmy said while un-zipping his pants
by alsfdf May 5, 2008
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her jugs got her a guy with a really hot car.
by bleuberryz January 17, 2006
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when a woman has large breats they are considered to be called "jugs"

if a woman does not have big breats then it can lead to not turning the man on which can lead to them breaking up
My girlfriend (sara) has huge jugs, which are firm and fun to play with anytime. Thus they turn me on so it will not cause us to break up.
by penas endabut December 5, 2006
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Boobs (see boobs). They are referred to jugs because women have milk in them. And milk comes in jugs.
Dude 1: Man theses are some big jugs!
Dude 2: Don't talk like that! Go apologize!
(Lady walks in with two jugs in her hands)
Dude 1: I'm sorry you have big jugs.
by iamabitchhh May 25, 2014
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Very big tits. usually fake, but they are a lot funner to play with.
"Dude look at her jugs"
"they're HUGE"
by jasonlovescate March 22, 2007
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