a word that is used to call a person a slut, whore, bitch,hoe bag, and other bitchin names like that.
1. "That Amber is such a fuckin bezzy".
2. "Get out of here you punk rock bezzy!"
by nichole December 29, 2004
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Bezzy is a versatile term to describe a ho as being particularly bad looking. Most of the time not used to describe women and often may be used when talking about people with no social life. Traits of bezzys include but are not limited to:

1: Lack of decent brand-name attire.
2: Inability to comb/brush hair.
3: Jeans that are too short in addition to the wearing of tube socks.
4: Has no interest in music.
5: Think they are cool, even though they have no friends.
" Man, look at that bezzy! Why can't he just buy himself a pair of DC's and iron his shirt!"

by Ginsu April 30, 2008
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