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Another name for Nike Air Force Ones. Generally used in the Mid-Atlantic reigon of United States (Virginia, Maryland). Named after Derrick Coleman as he was one of the first NBA players to wear them on the court.
Man I like them DC's!! You get them from Military Circle Mall?
by WadeLknglass March 25, 2009
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air force 1's it's a term used in southern va (virginia beach)
he has the all white dc's.
by courtney December 11, 2003
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Double Chin Syndrome - When someone isn't that fat but they have a double chin.

Slim person with a double chin.
1. Yeah she is kinda hot, but her DCS is a bit of a turnoff.

2. A: It's weird, she isn't fat but has a double chin.

B: Yeh, she has DCS.
by wittywitty April 20, 2011
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Dumb Cunt Syndrome. Syndrome symptoms include emotional over-reaction, increased estrogen levels, and a general cunt attitude. Often displayed in episodes of House, M.D. by Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Can be applied to any person of either gender, but is primarily found in females.
DCS runs rampant in women's rights activists. Those women really are dumb cunts.
by switchbladekarl March 28, 2010
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Dry Cum Syndrome, the little white shit that collects on the side of your mouth.
Hey man, wipe that DCS of your mouth, chicks don't dig it.
by Osiris February 04, 2005
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DCS is the abbreviation for Drunk Call Syndrome. Those who get wasted then find their fone call people up. DCS comes in different froms, from mild to severe cases.
Last night i got wasted n ended up callin the EX... stupid DCS
by f this May 14, 2005
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