16 definitions by cesar

I cujamanjoed with a girl last night.
I want to cujamanjo with her.
by cesar December 7, 2004
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short for 'text messaging', as in mobile cell phone messaging. play off tex-mex food, who knows why.
person 1: did you send milo the email?
person 2: no, i just sent him a tex-mes so he would get it right away.
by cesar August 19, 2003
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Describing someone on his head and knee with frustration, Orz is originated from Japan and popular with internet users.
David,The MVP of ALCS in 2004,said goodbye to the Yankees' with his moon shot. Now tell me"who is your daddy?"......Orz Ortiz
by cesar March 27, 2005
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the process of lookin hot the opposite of DAYTON or CHAVEZ or JAKE ZWIRN
hey you look skrollz
looking skoollz man
dam you look like skrollz
by cesar January 6, 2005
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Big mother fucker respected by all because he means business. Usually lays low but known by all don't fuck with this guy aka José Luis Ocampo
José Luis is Big Hoe
by cesar April 23, 2015
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the process of looking hot and cool.
you look pepi.
pepi is my middle name
look'in pepi
by cesar January 6, 2005
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