you gonna end up hungry and with no bev
by secret.sauce May 13, 2015
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(v) Short for Beverage. Describes the act of consuming alcohol. Can also be used as an adjective.
(v.)Let's bev tonight
(adj.) Dude, I was super beved last night!!!
by Mccow 4c rox March 31, 2004
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somebody who gets regulary bullied and teased. This can be a child,teenager or teacher! or anyone really...
Lilly: why is that new music teacher upset?
Jeremy: because nobody will listen to her, shes a bev.
by bev kev peter July 24, 2008
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Origionly to participate or engage in video game of any nature for an extended period of time.

Can however be used to make fun of someone for been very skilled at something.
1. He 'beved' halo 3 on the xbox360 all night.
2. John is the biggest 'bev' he always plays WoW (see world of warcraft)
3. Jane is the biggest bev at running.
4. Check that 'bevtron' in ebgames (game store).
by James 'bevtron' May 19, 2008
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to juice hard with pulp action that wets the taint, dripping on the chode. A high humidity juice dropping.
Brad raunchtastically bevved all over my chair
by beverly chode master October 4, 2004
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Eating Dry-ass foods with no drink
"Damn, you eating that Popeyes biscuit with No Bev."
by Spenxer November 28, 2018
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