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A foxy lady who is always calm and collected and usually has a smile on her face. Is very laid back, but isn't afraid to kick some ass. Not too talkative but extremely funny.
Random hot girl that busts out a joke is a Benet.
by ahsksjaja-sjs July 02, 2010
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A left-handed magician, wise, dangerous (potential kidnapper), nice, former 4-star cook (porridge, noodles, chips, 5-minutes tureen).

Seems kinda dumb and shy at first but is actually pretty smart and really talkative, once he warmes up.

Despite of how talkative he can be, his texting style is as dry as the Sahara and you might think that he doesn't like you, solely based on his texting style. On top of that he types really really slowly.

Sometimes he's really moody and unbearable. In moments like that you might feel a very strong urge to high five him... with a chair... in his face. If you're unlucky, he might even ignore you for a whole month straight.

But once you got through that and annoyed him long enough, so he can't ignore you anymore and decides to go back to being friends with you, you can consider yourself very lucky.

You can only bene(t)fit from being friends with him. He's always very nice, polite and funny, will support you with everything you wanna do (except it's a really dumb idea), supports you, will never ever be seriously mean or disrespectful to you and buys you pretzels.

He's also extremely good looking and has a tremendously huge ass. (but don't tell him that, it'll boost his ego too much).

To summarise everything: Benet is some very complicated at first, but if you hang in there, you'll have an awesome friend.

It is highly recommended to befriend a Benet.

But not my Benet.

I don't like to share my friends and will come for you.
Friend 1: "I have this new friend, but I don't think he likes me too much. he always replies late and really dry"

Friend 2: "Hang in there, he's a Benet."
by kuhaf March 16, 2021
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A person who owes a friend sixty dollars. Not considered offensive.
Duncan is turning out to be a benet.
by Crispitos September 04, 2003
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