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Jacktop is a laptop whose sole use is for the viewing of pornographic material. Often the user has a wire modem in their home so that the jacktop can be carried from room to room.
My children, and wife use the laptop, but the jacktop is daddy use only
by dehubb133 August 22, 2008

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children outside of wedlock
I don't have any loose change, I'm waiting until I get married to have children.
by dehubb133 October 10, 2006

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A guy that always finds an excuse to take his shirt off is "pulling a McConaughey".
My neighbor goes to the mailbox shirtless everyday, just to give the neighborhood yentas something to meow about....I swear that guys is "pulling a McConaughey".
by dehubb133 August 22, 2008

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Wendys, a long establish fast food restaurant in the 20th century, served this peculiar item. Too thick to drink, and too thin to call ice cream. Since most fast food establishments sold milk shakes, many customer would view the frosty in similar fashion and use a straw to partake. The frosty was so thick that one couldn't slurp it until it had proper time to melt. 20th century afro-american woman are thick as well, and thus, the name began.
Yo, you see that honey in those jeans. Man she thick as a frosty. Yo, her new nickname is frosty.
by dehubb133 November 27, 2007

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The vagina of an adult woman that has been shaved so that when seen isolated looks like the vagina of a seven year old girl.
Not sure why women think shaving their pubic hair complete off is sexy. I guess they are going for the Jean Benet look. Maybe their boyfriend likes them young, if you know what I mean...
by dehubb133 August 22, 2008

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Good hot gossip. Still warm from the oven, and still fresh in the mind of the person dispensing it. Not day old stale gossip where the gossiper has forgot some of the subtle details that makes gossip so satisfying.
I overheard a conversation where person A was upset because person B was dishing out juicy gossip, and person A was asking basic question about the information being shared. Person B because she waited so long to share the gossip had forgotten many of the details, and in her discust with person A told her "don't be mad because your not getting fresh bread.
by dehubb133 August 23, 2008

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Really thick lenses on spectical that looks like 1/2 binoculars, and 1/2 bifocals. Thus the term binocfocals.
I feel bad for that kid. He'll never get a date for the prom wearing those binocfocals on his face.
by dehubb133 December 06, 2007

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