A beautiful little girl who was murdered on Christmas Day, 1996. The investigation was somewhat destroyed by tainted evidence, false allegations, and the insane media. It is still unknown who abused and murdered this innocent child.
The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey is just one of the many cases of child abuse which are never solved in this nation.
by anon. April 22, 2005
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a beauty pageant queen who was brutally murdered on boxing day 1996 at 6 years old in her home in boulder colorado. this mystery was a cold case until a decade later john mark karr a former schoolteacher confessed to killing jonbenet and was arrested
john mark karr: i killed jonbenet ramsey

guy: beats the crap out of him

john: im getting yur daughter next assholle
by gfhfghtjt August 19, 2006
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Slang term to describe a woman that shaves her pussy smooth. Referencing JonBenet Ramsey's age when she was murdered (prepubescent).
Hey baby, how you looking down there? Like JonBenet?

Aww, you look so young. Just like JonBenet.
by EL_Coyote April 6, 2010
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John was a JonBeneter who is now in jail when he got caught on TV trying to arrange a date with a 14 year old.
by Regan Santmeyer August 18, 2006
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When a parent puts unreasonable pressure on their child to participate in some extracirricular activity.
"Do you think Tiger really WANTED to play golf, or was he jonbeneted into it?"
by Theropod March 11, 2004
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John Karr wasted many years of his life JonBeneting on the internet.
by Regan Santmeyer August 18, 2006
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