When someone feels insecure about their face so the cover it with make up.

Its used to make movies, clowns, and other events
She looked beautiful with no makeup.
by stanedits_ October 27, 2018
The thing that insecure, beautiful girls use to make them look 'better'.
by Lynn O'Lynette February 13, 2017
A completely disgusting substance that some girls feel the need to rub all over their face, usually made out of fish scales, whale blubber, rabbit poop, and the parts of pigs they can not feed you ( even in hotdogs).
Hey you know whay that makeup on your face is made out of?
by Rin K. October 26, 2007
Some girls life
Girl 1: I could not live without makeup!

Girl 2: me neither, it's my life
by Ebarber12 November 11, 2013
Makeup is what girl's use to make themselves look pretty because they think they are ugly as shit and there's a problem with that because they hide there real looks and sometimes relationships don't last long because the man is surprised that she looks horrible. There's also another problem they use lipstick and it's an enormous problem when you are in a date and they give you head because in results your underwear will have the lipstick and if your mom washes your clothes you are fucked up
Girl-1 : ugh! I look ugly without makeup.

Girl-2 : makeup makes my face look better.

Guy-1 : you don't need that baby you look gorgeous without it.

Guy-2 we've been dating and she's cute but when I see her without makeup she's horrible
by Rwrrr;);( March 20, 2018
Makeup is in many forms liquids'powders and solid some girls wear it becaus there insecure but some wear it for fun or just to slightly enhance there natural beauty makeup can make you feel more confident but no girl actually needs makeup but it's absolutely fine if you choose to whare some.some girls go very natural and some go quite heavy.but whatever you like go ahead and wear it how ever you want to!
Wow you makeup looks awesome today!
by Rose peddle October 3, 2017
Makeup-for some a source to help with insecurities for others a source of art
"I love Makeup "
by leann.uli May 5, 2020