Running a Red light; to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman on her period.
Man 1 : Apparently Chad fucked Stacy on her period last night, theres blood all over his sheets and his towel.

Man 2: Ugh, nasty! He should get a ticket for running a red light
by Zboner December 5, 2009
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having sex with a woman during her period.
come on now baby, you know i dont got no problem "running the red light"
by nate March 18, 2005
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phrase used when two people want to have sex but the female has her period
john: "so what time im picking you up so we can go to the telly and get it poppin?"

jane: "well, unless you tryna run a red light, nothing's poppin tonight"

john: "we'll wash's aight"
by china406 August 15, 2008
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Fucking a girl in the vagina when you know that she is on her period. Usually not a good idea. When in this situation, simply go home and start shaking hands with dr. Jolly
Yesterday things got heated and she told me she was on her period but, I just went running the red light anyway. Man I shoulda just went home and shook hands with dr. Jolly

shaking hands with dr. Jolly
by Zach sol and ev April 24, 2009
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when someone is masturbating and a seperate party comes unexpectidly into the room(the red light), but they decide to finish the job that was started anyways.
Bobs mom walked in the room last night when he was wanking it, but he decided to run the red light and jizzed all over her.
by DeLaQuintan March 23, 2009
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Having sex with a woman on her (period) menstrual cycle.
John: " yo, last night was crazy."
Joe: " so, did you fuck her or nah?"
John: " hell nah, she wants me to run red lights."
Joe: " ain't nothing wrong with a little blood. "
John: " fuck that SHIT! red mean STOP! (LOL)
by BO$$LADY January 4, 2014
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