under the influence of a sedative drug.

and if you don't know what -sedative- means...

A drug having a soothing or calming effect.
by Johnny November 06, 2004
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1. a state of calm or reduced nervous activity; chilled out
2. date rape drug (also called a mickey)
Example 1: dude im so sedated...... its going to be a mellow night
Example 2: that asshole slipped sedations in my drink last night
by PowerMetalFan6996 February 09, 2014
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Sedat is known for his enjoyment of food and beverages. A fun loving and kind hearted man, he approaches life in a positive way every day. He has a love of bargains and will not let an opportunity pass. Enjoys all things food and cooking related.
Person1: where did Sedat go to?
Person2: we can’t find Sedat!
Person1: ah of course he’s at the buffet
by Legendcass January 30, 2018
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a hardcore punk band from the lehigh valley pennsylvania punk scene. with only one ep out but working on more that are well respected.

by crackrocksteadysedated January 26, 2009
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A Turkish slang that means" retarded" is
synonymous with gotten yemis.
you are a gotten yemis sedat kapanoglu
by hasstirlen November 28, 2009
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A large marijuana cigarette (aka joint) or a large marijuana cigar (aka blunt) filled with very potent cannabis. They have received the name "Nigger Sedator" because these items have the ability to sedate a naturally aggressive nigger male/female. A "Nigger Sedator" is the most common form of marijuana use when talking about niggers. Some uneducated (or excited) niggers may slander the name slightly by adding a coon accent to the name i.e. "nigga sedata". The name "Nigger Sedator" is only to be used when niggers are using a Nigger Sedator(s), hence the word nigger in the name. The parentheses around the S on Nigger Sedator(s) is due to the fact that a nigger or group of niggers will most likely smoke more than one, especially if they had just succesfuly stolen something, or are celebrating some other illegal activity they committed without reprimandation.
Nigger Rastus: Eyy mofucka lets go burn that nigga sedeta in mah hoopty!

Pickanniny Obama: Ay ay nigga lets light that shit the fuck up nigga!! eeyyyuhhhhhhhh!!!

*PLEASE NOTE: Nigger Rastus is obviously an uneducated nigger due to the fact that he butchered the term "Nigger Sedator."
by TheRussell June 11, 2011
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