to do something of extreme stupidity.
-"omg i just gave away all my crap to some stranger on accident"
by Das Popemeister February 16, 2005
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rappers claim to have took a stove
by kingz 123 January 24, 2019
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To drunkely haul off and punch someone
chase: you want me to stove this motherfucker, huh?
chris: ha ha, stove him dude, STOVE HIM!
by moship February 10, 2007
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A word used in slang for describing sex.
Example: "I'd have sex with her"
With the slang: "I'd stove her"
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 20, 2004
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eh cod me ah prick so ah stoved his heed in way a boatel eh buc
by David Inch May 29, 2005
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Cigarette: Northern slang for a cigarette, used oft by mashed up mancunian ravers becasue of the resemblance of a hot(electric)stove to the end of a lit cigarette. Originated circa 1991 in the early halcyon days of the rave culture; we speculate during a drug fuelled hallucination by said manc.
'fuck me noel, i am bolloxed, is that a ciggy in your mouth, or the stove from me 'nans kitchen'/
General use: 'Give us a stove you cunt'
by anthony willison March 18, 2004
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something that ONLY women should use, to make delicious food
Women don't need watches because there is a clock above the stove where they work and were no guys work.
by farkwad gorilla April 7, 2009
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