when someone does something or something happens out of the ordinary or "weird"
ur a guy and another guy askes to suck your dick

"can i suck yo dick ma nigga"

'the fuck nigga"
by EATADIRK March 6, 2010
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A phrase used to describe someone you dislike, a pussy, a weasel. Usually mentioned at the end of a sentence.

NOTE: this is NOT the same as "fuck boy"
Eric, you better pay me back this time. Fuck nigga!

Yo, I thought you had my back?! You a fuck nigga, forreal.
by smurfgang March 13, 2021
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-A weak person, who plays too much

-A two-faced nigga who ain't shi
-Only seeks friendships or relationships to benefit themselves
-Trash ass
by Blackjesus5 December 16, 2019
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a fuck nigga in my definition is a nigga who wanna play games and be trick. a nigga who texts multiple girls for any reason and then lies to them all. he’s a hoe ass fuck nigga who deserves no love. fuck niggas will make you listen to summer walker, jhene aiko, rod wave, and other rnb songs. fuck niggas ain’t shit and if you messing with them you probably ain’t shit either just like me. and i’m probably writing this shit cause a fuck nigga played with my heart. lmfaoo
girl: that nigga texted me talking about we’re getting married.

girl 2: girl didn’t he ghost you three times?

girl: yeah…

girl 2: that nigga don’t want you he’s for these hoes, that fuck nigga.
by blackbratt April 25, 2022
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Typically used negatively to describe snakes & oppositions, in Florida, we call each other Fuck Nigga passively too.
Fuck nigga come get me lmao”
“Mannn that fuck nigga funny asf”
“Fuck nigga you snapped!”
“Oh you know that fuck nigga too? Whaaa that’s my dog right there”!”
by SmileyShotIt May 2, 2022
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a fuck nigga is a nigga who constantly keeps his girl upset. Doesn't give her anything in return. Lies to her, doesn't keep it real. Doesn't support when support is needed from him. Isn't the type you come and talk to, exposes, humiliates his woman. But claims he "loves" his woman. Does things over and over,
by Amanilolo May 22, 2015
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