I shall harm you with a bladed object, preferrably with a "switchblade" or a "butterfly knife".
Tony: Jim, you be a dumbass!
Jim: I cut you!
by Donnie "P" McEwan January 24, 2004
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i will stab you with a sharp object. the person or persons being stabbed will usually be of latin origin, as well as the stabber.
Manolo: I want to date yo' sister mang
Tony: If you do, I cut you mang
by crazyeddy February 3, 2006
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A new greeting for the ages.
Person 1: Bitch, I cut you!
Person 2: You too, Bitch, I cut you!
by Apul January 20, 2003
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I shall cut you, sucker/tool/buffoon.
Lil' Rae Rae: Hey, if Jello had a pulse, I'd hit it!
Tim: I cut you sucka!
by Donnie "P" McEwan January 24, 2004
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I shall cut you with a bladed object because you are a moron/bonehead/idiot/buffoon/tool/person who slept with my mother or sister or girlfriend (or father or brother).
Ray: Hey dawg, I just knocked yo sista UP!
Tom: I cut you like the sucka you is!
by Donnie "P" McEwan January 24, 2004
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I've got your back and will fight for you, protect you, whatever goes down. No matter what. Ride or die. "I will cut somebody for messing with you."
I appreciate you defending me against the haters, or giving me a place to stay/food, or jumping into the fight to defend me, or believ8ng in me - you cut for me, I cut for you.
by urbanah August 31, 2015
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If you cut for a person you feel them, you almost love them..i;e This slang originated in Texas and has spread across the dirty "I cut for you!"
"I cut for you you tough ma!" "Nah, I don't much cut for her."
by Shine Pickens August 28, 2007
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