Beed \be-d v : As in to be stung by a bee, hornet, or wasp
"so I was walking in the park today, and I saw this bee, and I accidentally flung my body on top of it, so all these bees came flying forth and I got beed"

"dude, beed is a ballin' word"
by Win? May 26, 2007
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A shortened version of the oft used phrase: "Happy Birthday"
To be used on Facebook walls and occasionally in conversation if extremely lazy.
"Beeds Bro"
"Oh shit its July 18, beeds"
by tiberius12345 July 18, 2012
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Or b'd. One is so not bothered about something that they cant even be bothered to say bothered so they just say beed. For the ultimate not being bothered just use make the beed hand sign as a 'b'
As if i'm beed?!; Think I'm beed? He was totally beed about it;
by Missyeggs February 09, 2008
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Another way of saying a Bag of Weed to disguise from cops, parents, or any other enforcement.
Jim - Hey you got some smoke?

Aaron - Yeah! The beed is in my pocket.

Jim - Very Niiiiice!
by MasterLee69 March 20, 2011
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