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the funniest word in the world.... for now
weiner weiner weiner wiener weiner hahahaha
by panties August 03, 2003

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past tense of be
i beed at the mall all day
by panties July 15, 2003

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i dont know i just thought of it and laughed inside
maybe cumrow is a real word, i didnt look it up
by panties July 20, 2003

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1) a prostitute
2) a naked lady
1) i got hpv from that neegi
2) look at that neegi susan! she has big boobers
by panties March 12, 2003

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An event that is boring and/or lacking an attractive female presence.
This party is a goat show.
by Panties March 23, 2005

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wut my sister says when she scrapes me
sister: shhhhenk!
me: owwww you scraped me
by panties July 15, 2003

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It's when someone has that longish, greasy hair, that's parted at the side, and is combed slightly over their forehead, usually mulletesque.
You know that movie Butterfly Effect? And the part where Ashton Kutcher's in the wheelchair? Man, he's still hot even with wheelchair hair.
by panties February 11, 2005

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