oh fuck that
guy 1: hey dude wanna go out tonight?
guy 2: OFT!
by mshaw9 July 5, 2009
oft is a shortened word for often
i'm sittin sidewayz, oft in a daze, on a sunday nite i mite burn me some haze.....paul wall-sittin sidewayz(my added version)
a sound expressing that you find someone attractive, typically on social media. Often followed by a series of extra 't's for more emphasis.
Person: OFTTTT Amy you look so damn hot!


Person 2: OFTTTT Becky, Oscar Isaac is so fine
by khoshgelkhanoom November 5, 2016
"off the freaking tables"
like: that cake is cool oft
That party was cool oft
That party was so cool it was off the fucking tables
by bigsean94 April 5, 2015
It does not mean short for often. It means that something came off that wasn't meant to come off
Dude my drive shaft just fell the fuck oft. O.F.T. oft.
by Diesel Fabracators November 20, 2005
She shouted ''Don't cum OFT''
by lxvesick December 15, 2021
I saw a hot guy walking down the street the other day; he was a total ofte!
by congress November 28, 2005