An adjective used to brand something, such as an item, object, activity, TV show, even a moral choice etc, that would stereotypically appeal to a chav
e.g: Burberry, Bling, casual sex and associated low morals, Little Britain the list goes on.

The word is pretty much always used in a negative sense by non-chavs, as to them the thing in question is undesirable.
Guy 1: These trainers are cool.
Guy 2: Nike? It's a bit chavvy isn't it?
Guy 1: Oh yeah, suppose so *puts down trainer in disgust*
by PsychoFox August 10, 2007
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an adjective version of chav.

someone or something that is chav-like
That girl was so chavvy.
by SongGirl07 March 15, 2006
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Chatham Chavvy or Chav

A wearer of Baseball hat wanna be Gangsta type...a Gary..Think they are hard..but are mummies boys from the suburbs...Here is how they are refered to by Millwall South Londoners as Pikeys or Gypsies i.e Chavvy is the Gypsey word for Child....Chav or Chavvy
Heres a Millwall song about them..

Gold & Nikey

We can't read and we can't write
But I wear gold and nikey
We come up from Gillingham
We are ****in pikies

by Paul January 21, 2004
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A chavvy is a top male specimen.

Has to be near shopping malls in the day to be seen as dominant male.

The common chav needs to impress girl chavs with his show of gel wealth and really original style of clothing.

In the evening a chav will move from shopping mall to outside an off- license and eventually to a Kebab Shop where the chav will display his chavness by removing his hands from the kebab at the exact moment he has had enough vitamins to start swearing again.

Chavs can therefore be found by their droppings which are donner meat, spit, coke and Mayfair stubs.
"Darling, it's quiet, too quiet".

"It's ok, the chavvies are looking atthe kebab pictures again"
by Andy March 10, 2004
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A chavvy is anova word for a boy
Boi: look at that chavvy

look at that boy

gypsys use this
by mya holmes September 8, 2006
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Old gypsy term for a newborn baby, or young child. Still sees some use in London slang.

Thought to be part of the origin of the word chav.
Is the Chavvie due yet, Bill?
by cactusx102 November 10, 2007
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