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Lisa is the most beautiful girl you'll ever see in your life. Has a unique personality, is intelligent and caring, and her beautiful eyes, bright smile and sexy body are just a bonus. She's the type of girl who's loyal even if it's a long -distance relationship, and won't ever forget your birthday, anniversaries, and so on. She genuinely cares about you and will always support you. Definitely the type of girl you'll want to spend the rest of your life with.
Friend 1: Damn, you're so lucky to be going out with Lisa.
Friend 2: I know. I'm so blessed to be with her.
by bigwillis92 November 15, 2014
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Adorable person, strong personality, that fight for her causes even thought she is wrong. She will make you feel like you are wrong too. For those reasons she is worth fight for.
Lisa will make the microwave store guy return her microwave after she left it for repair for more than two months even though the paper said they would only keep the microwave for only 30 days. MAN she got it!!
by topcms February 04, 2010
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A girl who is pretty careless. She likes to dance and make funny faces. She is short and often refers to herself as "mini-girl". While she can have a bad temper and likes to bite, she makes up for it with her kind heart and cuteness.

her favorite words are: "gamma" "pu yao" "nia fane"

her other nicknames are: "stinky dofu" "snoopy"
that cute girl is lisa
by snoopy111 February 04, 2010
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The name of a girl who is very pretty and is so lovable that boys fall in love with her instantly.
Dude: Yeah, I'm love with that chica.
by Emma =] May 27, 2008
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To do a "Lisa" is the physical act of summoning my aeons, e.g, to gain physical pleasure from a vibrating videogame controller. The term is of unknown origin but is believed to have come from somewhere in Southern England.
"Only I can summon my aeons!"

"Mindy was getting horny last night, so she totally pulled a Lisa!"

"Oh, gross, I saw my mom doing a Lisa last night with my new copy of Final Fantasy X!"
by SubjectSin February 26, 2009
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A woman who can't write an interesting sentence (if she writes one at all). Someone who attaches herself to anything that can write an interesting sentence (see: barely) and worships them. An idol-worshiper, satisfied with taking a mountain of refuse and constructing gods. Possibly the most unattractive human being alive, if it were not always for her other half. A jealous, old, sad, chaos-inventing, mentally unstable hag. Unable to operate socially unless pitied... and that's easy.
by frostingisfattening February 06, 2010
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Your alter ego...if you are drunk and you do something stupid, it was never actually was Lisa.
Chelsea: You were so drunk last night that you walked into my parents room, woke them up and literally fell on your ass.

Beth: Oh, that was Lisa, not me!!!!

Chelsea: And you were throwing M&M's on the floor claiming they were the devil.

Beth: Again, it was Lisa. She was in full effect last night!
by Beth Charpentier October 28, 2007
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