1. (a.k.a cesspool) is a pit or a pool that is used for sewage or refuse. Basically it can be anything that is filled with shit.
Tintin: Aye Snowy were not fuckin coming here again its a fuckin cesspit in here.

Lady: Bargin past are ya? yous fuckas. bet you havent got a cock amongst yas!

Tintin: You obese fat motherfuckin bitch, fat heap of shit!
by castanza April 17, 2008
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1. A pit of human waste
2. Can be used a joke for something that is/can/most of the time is serious, if it is made a mockery of, *insert subject here* cesspit
Well, one time in an online chat I saw kappa, the nae nae, and dabs being used in a political debate. I promptly cried at the sight of this geopolitical cesspit.
by Gamerofwar99 March 02, 2016
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a game/website that is used exclusively by the Cesspool
roblox used to be a good game, but now it's a cesspit
by IAmSeamonkey November 04, 2019
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