beany is one of them boys that can tickle your needs, make you feel good just being around them, make you smile like no one's business, make you giggle like a little kid who just got a candy.....basically, overall.....beany is the best!!!! ;p
has anyone seen my 'beany'???? ;p
by bubble spooff February 23, 2005
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Beany is without a doubt the coolest person in the world!!! Words cannot even say
by peachy February 3, 2005
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guy 1) wow look at tht guy hes beany!

guy 2) well indeed he is guy 1
by will-k February 23, 2009
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Joe is too beany to hang out with.
by Fowler St March 6, 2008
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A phallus-shaped marital aid crafted from beans and/or bean-based products. A premium beanis comes with optional meatball attachment and ejaculatory arrangement.

The first mention of beanis was found in a fanfic by Majin Syeekoh and is sometimes referred to as a bean dildo.
"Have you heard of the new bean dildo?"
"Oh yeah! The beanis that jizzed sour cream?"
"No, no. This time it's hot sauce."
by Grumpycat96 June 2, 2018
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The measure of how far back you wear a beanie. The further back you wear it on your head, the longer your beanis is (usually measured in inches).
"Wassup guys, my beanis is 8 inches long!"
"Well, guess what! My beanis is 10 inches long."
by nikesbskater1997 November 21, 2011
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a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and pople who are cold.
Jules: I'm cold
Champ: You douchebag you forgot your bloody beanie. Now you are gonna freeze to death
by margaret June 6, 2004
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