Girl: I'm cold.
Boy: (Puts arm around girl)
Girl: That's better.
by omgmaddie November 17, 2010
Usually a girls way of seeing if a guy is interested in cuddling.
If he wants to-
Girl: I'm cold
Boy: wanna cuddle?

If he doesn't-
Girl: I'm cold.
Boy: get a blanket!
by Abbsolutelynotabby November 12, 2014
A sentence to describe the feeling of wanting to blow up a entire nation and/or dying
"I'm so tired of being cold. And right now, I'm so cold. So, if you like. Don't mind- Imma bout to blow up an entire nation. Like, could you made stab me afterwards? That would be So SO epic. Like, I will look so cool. Please father. I will love you till my dying days unlike how I love my son."
by HowToSeks2 November 29, 2020
This Means the person does not wan't to show their scars from self harming them selves
Girl 1 "hey why are u wearing long sleeves in the summer"
Girl 2 "#I'm just cold "
Girl 1 "oh ok that's weird"
Girl 2 hurts inside
by EMOKID2020 December 17, 2020