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Cunniligus. Oralsex performed on a woman. Tipping=licking & Velvet=Clitoris
Melissa likes to Tip the Velvet
by Margaret April 06, 2004

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a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and pople who are cold.
Jules: I'm cold
Champ: You douchebag you forgot your bloody beanie. Now you are gonna freeze to death
by margaret June 06, 2004

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Hottest females alive
blonde hair and everything great
That scandinavian girl is fine!!
by Margaret May 18, 2004

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the most awesome drink ever created
hey im going to the store

pick me up a vitamin water!!!
by margaret March 28, 2005

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expression used when a douche bag says something untrue, unacceptable, or just plain stupid.
"are your titties real?"
"bitch please!"
by Margaret November 17, 2004

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1. Telling someone that you go (went) to Harvard. Usually used in the phrase "to drop the h-bomb." It is a generally accepted principle of dropping the h-bomb that when a guy drops it, he instantly becomes more attractive, but when a girl drops it, she becomes less so. 2. Sex magazine at Harvard.
Mary was talking to a hot guy at the club the other night, but as soon as she dropped the h-bomb, he said he had to go.
by Margaret July 27, 2004

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A combination of gigantic & enormous; shockingly big.
That monster burrito I had yesterday was Ginormus!
by Margaret July 17, 2003

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