the state of being raped
oh no, big bertha is tryin to pople me
by el un-gran iban November 4, 2003
The sound made when you pop your finger inside your mouth.
Bob: POPL!
Joe: That sound is so annoying!
by 2 camels in a tiny car November 19, 2010
Popl is a short word for the word People and can also be used as a action word like the word POP!

When Popl is used as a action word you pronounce Popl has POP-ULL.
Within seconds, Brandon easily shared his social contact information with new popl he met in a elevator with his Popl on his smartphone with a couple Popl pops.
by KRYPTOKLUB September 13, 2020
Popl is a small round soft & smooth NFC circle tag that can be placed on the back of your mobile phone or you can stick a Popl anywhere you would like, like a door, desk, or a keychain.

Popl lets you instantly share your social media profile urls, music, payment platforms, hard to share affiliate links, contact info just by simply tapping your Popl on your smartphone to a compatible smartphone.

The other person doesn't need an app or a Popl to receive your info, just NFC and NFC enabled. Most newer phones have NFC that you can turn on and off just like you would with bluetooth.

You can buy Popl's online now, you can even buy limited edition Popl's or create your own custom Popl's.

If you need help with the perfect Popl Design for your phone. has a team of graphic designers or you can get Popl Club Members to design your custom graphic in
Me: What's your phone number? Let's connect!

Maybe new Customer: Sorry, I don't have time to exchange contacts right now. I have to be somewhere in 5 mins. Sorry.

Me: I understand, let me see your phone real fast

Customer: Make it real quick I gotta go now. POP! WOW! Is this your phone number and profile?

Me: Yes, stay Popl Pimpin talk again soon! Have a great week keep you updated!

Customer: Wow! That was fast! Yes Talk again soon. Bye now.

Me: Thanks to Popl we made a quick non contact connection. Welcome to the future of sharing and poppin NFC compatible smart phones with a Popl.
by KRYPTOKLUB September 10, 2020