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A phallus-shaped marital aid crafted from beans and/or bean-based products. A premium beanis comes with optional meatball attachment and ejaculatory arrangement.

The first mention of beanis was found in a fanfic by Majin Syeekoh and is sometimes referred to as a bean dildo.
"Have you heard of the new bean dildo?"
"Oh yeah! The beanis that jizzed sour cream?"
"No, no. This time it's hot sauce."
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by Grumpycat96 June 12, 2018
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An abnormally large Clitoris, so large that it resembles a Penis.
"I had a bit of a near gay experience last night, was goin down on this girl and she had a humongous beanis!"
by Bernie Bernstein May 22, 2009
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A fictional character said to have been created in Scotland in recent history. The "Beanis", a simple creature, broad bean shaped, with its lower half resembling a human penis, one stick arm raised to pull down its left eye, and its right hand raised high, proudly showing a letter B with its primitive fingers. Now, it is said a simple side view of the "Beanis" is the logo of the notorious, infamous, disgusting and potent uprising groups of youths, and there new youth culture. A name normally given to groups of young men who dabble ridiculous fashion, boots, short back and sides with a very long top, house music and its sub-genres, fortified wine, the list goes on.
Look at that boy, he bought harems and boots and thinks hes in Beanis now. I'll just stick to being scene.
by Spiceweasel May 31, 2010
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The measure of how far back you wear a beanie. The further back you wear it on your head, the longer your beanis is (usually measured in inches).
"Wassup guys, my beanis is 8 inches long!"
"Well, guess what! My beanis is 10 inches long."
by nikesbskater1997 November 20, 2011
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A beaner's penis. beaners are not born with a normal penis, but a deformed one oddly shaped like a bean. Some beaners get their beanis cut off and replaced with a penis, others accept their heritage, and others eat it by mistake.
Juan: janet, why did you leave yesterday, i thought we were finally going to engage in sexual intercourse.
Janet: Sorry Juan, your beanis scared the shit outa me. Now get the fuck away from me, you fucking beaner, spic, bastard!
by Mzero April 18, 2006
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Referring to a South American's (beaner) penis.
I was totally stoked when she said she'd suck my beanis.

Oscar,no one wants to see your shriveled beanis.

In my gym class I can always smell my friends beanis.
by tophieCC April 17, 2011
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The mexican jumping bean that goes freestyle.
one who can't get a date.
There goes the beanis again.
Oh damn he crashed!

Who spilled the beans?
by IhoeSki January 27, 2011
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